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Available now: American Quarterly March 2014, Volume 66, Issue 1. This issue of American Quarterly covers a wide range of topics, including popular culture representations of African American masculinity to an analysis of pensions and retirement in neoliberalism to the use of Nina Simone in Hip-Hop. The issue also features two 19th century pieces on very different topics—children’s theatre and the creation of modern psychiatric subjects. Lastly, take some time to read a "Forum" edited by Ernesto Chávez. This forum, like some of the others we have published in AQ, emerges from an ASA panel that focused on the intersections and contradictions within citizenship and rights activism. The forum, “Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: A Conversation on the Past, Present, and Future of U.S. (Un)Equal Rights” extends this conversation, with short pieces from a range of scholars thinking through what Chávez calls the dissonance in “the simultaneous expansion of gay and lesbian rights through the vehicle of marriage equality and the retraction of Mexican American civil liberties via anti-immigrant legislation.” Visit the Beyond the Page section to read and watch supplementary materials related to these essays.

The September 2012 issue of American Quarterly (Volume 64, Issue 3) was recognized as the co-winner of Best Special Issue by Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) recently.

The Call for Papers for the 2015 Special Issue: Pacific Currents is now available.

A new "Interact" discussion is now available focused on the "Currents" section from the June 2012 issue. Please come and Join the Conversation.

The journal has updated its Author Guidelines to introduce an online submission system.

Join the Conversation

American Quarterly is dedicated to being a forum for intellectual exchange among American studies scholars. The re-designed website creates new opportunities for scholars to connect outside of the printed journal. Good scholarship is only worthwhile if it is shared. Interdisciplinary scholarship in American studies hinges on communication between its scholars, and as the foremost journal of its kind, American Quarterly is at the center of this dialogue.

The new Interact section includes:

  • Teaching tools for using articles in the classroom
  • "AQ Then and Now," which compares and contrasts articles on a similar topic or object of study from different journal issues. Our first set of articles includes Clyde Woods’s “Katrina World: Blues, Bourbon, and the Return to the Source” with Eric Tang’s “A Gulf Unites Us: The Vietnamese Americans of Black New Orleans East.”
  • Reader commentary on a recent American Quarterly article to allow further engagement of published works.
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