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Available now: American Quarterly June 2016, Volume 68, Issue 2. This issue features essays dealing with a range of topics and using a variety of methodologies and sources. Make sure to visit the Beyond the Page section for supplementary content. 

Correction: June 2016 Issue
What Is This Thing Called Interdisciplinarity? Teaching Interdisciplinary Methods Courses in American Studies - Rebecca Hill

Acknowledgments: Thanks first to the many students who have struggled with me through American Studies 7100 at Kennesaw State, and especially to Anna Tussey and Lissa Small for allowing me to use examples from their work in the class. I’d also like to thank Julie Sze for organizing the forum, and to Julie again, as well as Wendy Kozol, Kevin Murphy, Andrew Ross , and Shelley Streeby for participating in the forum “What is this Thing Called Interdisciplinarity” at the ASA in Toronto. Big thanks to Paul Lauter, who shared a slice of pie with me in the Albuquerque airport after another great ASA and encouraged me to write about teaching.

Correction: June 2016 Issue
The digital project review of Photogrammar (page 439) omitted Taylor Arnold as one of the co-directors of the project.

The September 2012 issue of American Quarterly (Volume 64, Issue 3) was recognized as the co-winner of Best Special Issue by The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ).

The Call for Papers for the 2017 Special Issue, The Chinese Factor: Reorienting Global Imaginaries in American Studies is now available.

The journal has updated its Author Guidelines to introduce an online submission system.

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